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หอมกว่าน้ำตาล หวานจากธรรมชาติ: Sugi Bee Garden Cafe คาเฟ่แรกในไทยของแบรนด์น้ำผึ้งเก่าแก่จากคุมาโมโต้
  หอมกว่าน้ำตาล หวานจากธรรมชาติ: Sugi Bee Garden Cafe คาเฟ่แรกในไทยของแบรนด์น้ำผึ้งเก่าแก่จากคุมาโมโต้ ถ้าผ่านไปแถวสีลมช่วงโรงแรมนารายณ์ตอนนี้ หลายๆคนน่าจะสะดุดตากับร้านคาเฟ่โทนสีสว่างที่ไม่คุ้นตา นั่นคือ Sugi Bee Garden Cafe...


New campaigns have begun!
Campaign Period :Oct 14, 2017 ~ Dec 31, 2017

① “Fruit Juice Honey Value Set ~Any combination of 3 bottles~”
You can choose any combination of 3 bottles from 9 kinds of Fruit Juice Honey series and purchase at special price.
② “Pickled Ginger in Honey 2 bottle set”
Two value-set of Sugi Bee Garden’s original popular products!!
③ “Love Set”
This is “Love Set”, a product set that supports those working hard everyday by the healthy power of Loyal Jelly and Manuka honey
④ “2017 Premium Set ”
This is a luxury set which gathers favorite products of Sugi Bee Garden
⑤ “APIMIEL 5-Item Set Campaign! ”
You can get “5-Item Set” at the special price!
⑥ “Collagen & Fermented Royal Jelly Drink Sales Campaign! ”
You can choose to get 7 packs (21 tablets) of Royal Jelly Gold or 6 extra bottles(50ml each) of Collagen Drink during this period!
⑦ We have free delivery inside Japan for Gift products that are over 3,000 yen (price without tax).
For those who purchase Gift products over 3,000 yen (price without tax), we will deliver it free-of-charge to one address inside Japan.
⑧ APIMIEL Hair Care & Body Soap Set(400ml Each) + ”Honey Wormwood Soap” present
One Honey Wormwood Soap will be given as free gift during campaign period.

We sincerely await your patronage!

Sugi Bee Garden’s official online shopping site has been renewed!
From September 7, domestic delivery service within Japan is added to our existing online shopping site specialized in overseas delivery. Find details here.
Furthermore, for overseas delivery, you can now also choose to use SAL in addition to the usual EMS.
*Availability is limited depending on the handling country and region of delivery. Details may be found here.

New campaigns have begun!
Campaign Period :Aug 15, 2017 ~ Oct 31, 2017
①”Manuka Honey” Extra Campaign! ②“Honey Vinegar With Plum Extract & Rice Black Vinegar” Extra Campaign! ③”Healthy Megumi-cha Tea” Refreshing Campaign!

New product information!
・ The new member, “Honey Flavored with Apple Juice”, has been added to the fruit juice honey series.
・ Large-size “Plum Honey” has joined the lineup.

We sincerely await your patronage!


Here’s the latest sales events information.  *Please be aware that the schedules may be changed.

Sugi Bee Garden holds sales events in overseas and our staff welcome customers there. We look forward to seeing many customers at  our sales events.


Venue : AEON Korn Hill (GF)
Date    : July 6 to 19 , 2017

Venue : YATA East Point Point City (1F)
Date    : July 17 to 31 , 2017


Venue : Isetan Jurong East Store(B2F)
Date    : July 7 to 20 , 2017

Venue : Isetan Scotts Store(B1F)
Date    : July 21 to 31 , 2017


Venue : Siam Paragon – Supermarket (GF)
Date    : July 29 to July  12  , 2017

Venue : Emquartier Shoppong Complex – Gour Market (GF)
Date    : July 13 to 26 , 2017

Venue : The Emporium – Supermarket (4F)
Date    : July 13 to 26 , 2017

Venue : Siam Paragon – Paragon Hall (5F)
Date    : July 29 to 30 , 2017