About Sugi Yohoen

“Customer Delight Principle”
We serve you the best customer satisfaction
It is our mission to keep and continue high quality of our honeybee product.
We never forget our spirit “Wholesome Apiriculture (Apiculture+Agriculture)”.

Never forgetting to appreciate Mother Nature

People used to live with nature in forests and seaside. Living in our present convenient civilized society, though, we tend to forget our awe of Mother Nature, even posing a threat to our own living environment.

We at Sugi Yohoen may always learn of the magnificence of natural law from honeybees that we regard as our family. They suck nectar from flowers to live and help pollinate plants, by which plants come into flower, form buds, and produce seeds.

In this one cycle, both apiculture and agriculture, the base for people’s lives, exist. The environment where people and honeybees may live well is created only when farming coexists with nature.

Our perpetual theme is “to engage in apiculture and agriculture that supports apiculture without forgetting appreciation of nature”

With honeybees, With Nature

The headquarters of Sugi Yohoen Co., Ltd. is on a hilltop in the heart of nature’s bounty in northern Kumamoto City. Our beehouses are placed in about 100 honey sources in Kumamoto Prefecture, including Aso, Amakusa and the Yatsushiro plain.

Kumamoto is an ideal place to keep honeybees because flowers continue blooming through all seasons. In such blessed conditions, we started bee keeping in 1956 and have become the bee farm with the largest number of honeybees in Japan.

We supply not only honeybee products but also items made from healthy agricultural produce pollinated by honeybees.

We continue to be committed to healthier food and well-being in the natural surroundings of Kumamoto.

Both pursuing efficiency and honestly supplying natural honey through time and care

The bee keepers at Sugi Yohoen have concentrated on apiary for more than 60 years, and in the course of close contact with nature, we have reached our own production philosophy: “Wholesome Apiriculture (Apiculture + Agriculture),” meaning that apiculture and agriculture are inseparable in the cycle in nature. Utilizing the habit of honeybees, we offer you only mature honey collected in Kumamoto and Hokkaido.

Focusing on customer satisfaction

Our honey always meets our high standards. We always deliver the tastiest honey with unbending quality consciousness. Our products are highly appreciated by wide range of consumers. They are also a perfect choice as a gift for those you care about.

Customers’satisfaction is our pleasure

We develop attractive products by listening to customers, seeking what they want from their viewpoint and contemplating what we can do for them

Heartened by customers’reviews

Our telemarketing center directly receives feedback from our customers and provides prompt seasonal information.

All the communicators are regular employees of Sugi Yohoen with considerable experience of life here. They and customers discuss a variety of things, including harvest conditions and products. We are especially heartened to hear when customers have regained health through our products.

We believe that our mission is to carefully listen to every customer, responsibly meet their demands, and make an all-out effort to totally satisfy them.

Always having customers’ viewpoint

Our handling of customer personal data for product shipment and communication is one of our highest priorities at Sugi Yohoen.

We strictly control our customers’ information to prevent it from being leaked and have an in-house telemarketing system where phone calls to customers are always made by our regular employees.

All our staff members endeavor to ensure our customers appreciate and use our products with a safe conscience – that’s our fundamental approach.

Company Name Sugi Bee Garden Co.,LTD.
Head Office
571-15 Mitsugu-machi,Kita-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto 861-5535 Japan
TEL: +81-96-245-5538
FAX: +81-96-245-5525
Capital 8,300,000 yen
Foundation September 1971
Number of Employees 356
Production and sales of honeybee products, royal jelly, propolis, cosmetics, etc.
Store 53 stores in Japan
Seibu dept. store, Tsuruya dept. store, Fukuya dept. store, Hamaya dept. store etc.


1956 The first honeybees was purchased (3 colonies)
1961 Apr Mr. T.Sugi sets up business as a beekeeper with 10 colonies
1961 Jun Start to sell honey by bicycle
First business connection with Inada bakery in Ezu,Kumamoto
1965 Sep Start to deal with Tsuruya Department Store
1971 Sep Set up as a joint-stock company Capital:1,000,000yen (7.692 EUR / 9.090 USD),number of employees:10
1973 Sep A direct management shop (sugi shop) opens in Kumamoto Center Plaza
1975 Aug Sales stall opens in Yamaga Plaza 5
1980 Sep Apicultural department starts the undertaking to land farmers bees as pollinators for hothouse cultivation (Based on Sukoyaka Nohogyo,natural circulation method)
1984 Jul The 2nd factory established
Stick-type packaged honey developed
“Hana to Mitsubachi(Flowers & Honeybees)” an educational video presented by Sugi Yohoen, produced
Special selection of the Ministry of Education , Science and Culture
National PTA Union confederation recommands
Receive the gold medal at 30th International Apicultural Congress
1985 Mar “Ume(Japanese apricot) infused Honey” developed.
1985 Apr New office building for apicultural deparment established
Tokyo sales office opens.
1986 Jul Capital increased to 16.000.000yen(123.076 EUR / 145.454 USD)
“Aso Mitsubachi Bokujyo(Aso Bee Farm)” a direct management shop opens
1986 Aug “Toilet Lotion of Sponge Gourds” and “Honey & Mugword Soap” developed (Honeybee Cosmetics series)
1987 Jan “Kumquat Infused Honey” developed
1987 Sep “Ginseng Infused Honey” developed
1987 Oct “Honey & Marron” developed
1987 Nov “Chinese Quinces Infused Honey” developed
1988 Mar “Moisturizing Cream” developed(Honyebee Cosmetics series)
1988 Apr “Honey cough drops with extract of Chinese quinces” developed
1990 Apr “Honey Lemon” developed
1990 Aug Capital increased to 30.000.000yen(230.769EUR / 272,727 USD)
1990 Sep Direct sales department for royal jelly established
1990 Oct “Maple Honey” developed
1991 Jan Trading deparment established
Stick-type packaged royal jelly with honey developed
1992 Feb “Honey Vinegar” developed
1992 Aug Propolis(liquid type & tablet type) and “Royal Jelly Gold 500:pills coated with sugar” start to be in stores
1994 Nov Sugi shop, “Honey House” opens in Ozu Bunka no Mori
1995 Jul “Hexagonal Comb Honey” starts to be in stores
1996 Mar “Hexagonal Comb Honey” received the gold prize in “Fine New Items Fair in 1995” sponserd by Kumamoto Bussan Shinko Kyokai (Kumamoto Promotional Products Association:KPPA),the regional association to promote products of Kumamoto
1996 Aug “Honey Pineapple”and “Propolis Drink” start to be in stores
1996 Sep Sales stall opens in Shinsaibashi shop at Osaka Daimaru Department Store
1996 Dec “Anniversary Candle” starts to be in stores
1997 Sep “Royal Honey Shampoo and Rinse” start to be in stores
1997 Nov “Yuzu Mitsu(Honey & Japanese Limes)” starts to be in stores
The head office moved to new office at Foodpal Kumamoto
1998 Mar “Anniversary Candle” received the silver prize in “Fine New Items Fair in 1998:The Section of Crafts” sponserd by KPPA
1999 Mar “Aso Heights Honey Jersey Ice cream” received the silver prize in “Fine New Items Fair in 1999” sponsored by KPPA
1999 Apr Sugi shop opens at Fukuya. Hiroshima Ekimae
Sales stall opens at Sanko shop at Kumamoto airport
“Blueberry & Honey” starts to be in stores
1999 Sep “Ume Essence” with honey starts to be in stores
1999 Dec Sugi’s strawberry garden opens
2000 Dec Telemarketing department established
2001 Sep “Royal Jelly Essence 60” starts to be in stores(Honeybee cosmetics series)
2002 Mar Sugi shop opens in Suizenji
“Hat of Sponge Gourd” received the bronze prize in “Fine New Items Fair in 2002” sponsored by KPPA
2002 Jun “Propolis Gold” starts to be in stores
Sugi shop opens at Aso Farm Land
2002 Oct Sugi shop opens in Yufuin, Oita
2003 Mar “Honey Opener” received the gold prize in “Fine New Items Fair in 2003” sponserd by KPPA
2003 Jun Sugi shop opens in Ito,Shizuoka
2003 Jul Sugi shop opens in Dazaifu,Fukuoka
2003 Oct Sugi shop opens in Glover Garden,Nagasaki
2004 Feb Sugi shop opens in Hakone Yumoto,Kanagawa
2004 Apr Sugi shop opens in Kamakura,Kanagawa
2004 Jun Sugi shop opens in Koubemotomati,Hyogo
2004 Dec Sugi shop opens in Sanjyo,Kyoto
2005 Apr Sugi shop opens in Karuizawa,Nagano
2005 Jul Sugi shop opens in Kawagutiko,Yamanashi
Sugi shop opens in Todaiji,Nara
2005 Oct Sugi shop opens in Kawagoe,Saitama
2005 Nov Sugi shop opens in Sugamo Togenuki Jizou,Tokyo
2006 Apr Sugi shop opens in Nikko Toshogu,Totigi
Sugi shop opens in Konpira,Kagawa
2007 Apr Sugi shop opens in Miyajima,Hiroshima
Sugi shop opens in Kurokawa Spa,Kumamoto
2007 Sep Sugi shop opens in Noboribetu,Hokkaido
Sugi shop opens in Atami ,Shizuoka
Sugi shop opens in Naritasan ,Tiba
2008 Mar Sugi shop opens in Dougo Spa,Ehime
2008 Apr Sugi shop opens at Shimonoseki Kamonwalf,Yamaguchi
2008 Aug Sugi shop opens in Hidatakayama,Gifu
2008 Sep Sugi shop opens in Kusatsu Spa,Gifu
2008 Nov Sugi shop opens in Kinosaki Spa,Hyogo
2009 Apr Sugi shop opens at Hakodate Kanamori Warehouse,Hokkaido
2009 Dec Sugi shop opens in Otaru,Hokkaido
2010 Jul Sugi shop opens in Nagahama,Shiga
2011 Mar Sugi shop opens in Karuizawa Second Store,Nagano
2011 Jun Sugi shop opens in Ginkakuji,Kyoto
Sugi shop opens in Hidatakayama Kamiichinomachi,Gifu
2011 Jul Sugi shop opens in Denenchofu,Tokyo
2011 Oct Sugi shop opens in Sanneizaka,Kyoto
2012 Jul Sugi shop opens in Tenmonkan,Kagoshima
2012 Sep Sugi shop opens at Shinjuku Pepe dept,Tokyo
2013 Apr We have patented the Fermented royal jelly
2014 Jun Sugi shop opens in Nishiki Market,Kyoto
2014 Sep Sugi shop opens at Kumamoto Station,Kumamoto
2014 Nov Sugi shop opens in Kamakura Second Store, Kamakura Third Store,Kanagawa